Deus Ex Sanguinus

A V20 cWOD chronicle

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GM: Burnbright

The Stage

The World of Darkness is nominatively accurate, and none so dark as the political underworld of Vampires. This chronicle unfolds in the city of Indianapolis, under the regency of Prince Bishop. Though you may hear him declared in whispers “the unwise” or “the weak” you should never let him hear it, for he is as vindictive and cruel as he is spineless. It is with this iron-if-aimless fist the city is run, but for how much longer? Nathan of the Nosferatu has made moves to undermine the Prince's authority, most recently seen as a major shuffle in finance even the mortals talk about only in whispers.

Dramatis Personae

The coterie (players)

City members


Generally between games 2 weeks will pass in universe. Players can take 3+(1/2 humanity)+retainers actions.

The two successes from a specialization 10 are added to your success pool before removing successes for botches.

Status in the city is on a scale of 1-10. To determine someone’s status outside the city (the cam at large) divide their status in half.


The First Night (20171201)

The coterie is introduced to the city, but never greeted by Prince Bishop. Instead, Rex West tasks the neonates with clearing out a coterie of undesirable neonates who have been declared enemies of the city. They track their targets to a diner where the three of them are awaiting a contact who they hope will escort them out of the city. The coterie captures them and brings them before Nathan and Sam Locke, who have us interrogate them. We quickly learn that these two are diablerists, guilty of committing the amaranth. Under interrogation, they spill that the Sheriff Slayer left them alone with a group of staked sabbat vampires they had captured, laughing as he departed, leaving them enough rope to hang themselves. The third of the captured neonates is absconded to some dark hole by Maruk for whatever dark purpose he may have, though it is heavily implied to be the extraction of Tremere secrets. While these events are known to Nathan and Sam Locke, no report is made to the rest of the city – the coterie simply disappeared.

The Second Night (20171216)

While playing the great game, Kakit learns of some concerns of the city. First, an increase in crime on the east side of town, past the gang territory in a sparsely populated area almost out of the city. Home invasions, thefts, and property damage are on the rise in those agrarian areas, which has Prince Bishop very concerned. Second, Sam Locke mentioned reports of disappearing homeless people have surfaced, pointing toward a region of the white river that runs by the university, and thereby the Tremere Chantry. Anything dirty the Tremere might be doing is a cause for concern.

It doesn't take the investigators long to find out that the missing persons are usually related to people who are looking to make a little money on the side. They've started a bum fight club, winner take all, but the fights are not to the death and some people disappear while others are mauled to death by a wild dog, or so the coterie is told. They learn the location of a fight on the upcoming night that would be of interest.

Not wanting to waste the rest of the evening, the team makes a few phone calls and narrows down the search area for the trouble on the east side. It doesn't take them long to find a farmhouse with tarped-over windows and the smell of animals, blood, and feces. A covance van sat in the driveway. Inside was a grisly scene of blood and animals. A vampire had been split open with fleshcrafts and the ghouled animals were feeding off its blood. Monkeys, dogs, and even a pig had grown into the taste of vampire vitae. The slightest touch of blood was enough to alert them to the intruder's presence, forcing Maruk to flee through a tarped over window with the animals in wild pursuit. Waiting in the driveway like an escape vehicle, the others yell for Maruk to get his ass in the car while Thomas picked off the animals with gunfire at range. To their surprise, a Gangrel appears in front of them, disabling their vehicle, forcing them to handle the horde, though in a mighty leap, he was staked by Maruk. With supernatural swiftness, Thomas took Maruk's shotgun from him and cleared the remaining swarm of animals before the coterie was overrun. Excepts from the book of Nod are found within the house, implicating these vampires as Sabbat. The Sabbat vampires are destroyed, the bodies of the animals buried, and the house burned.

On the next night, the coterie searches for the bum fighting club. They find them in an alley, ganging up on a man. By mistake, Maruk frightens them off with a shotgun burst into the air leaving them with no idea where to look next. With some luck and a brief exchange with a Nosferatu, it is revealed there is a backup location they might go to fight in a much filthier part of the river, which often flows dark with sewage. Kakit learns from one of the stragglers that the bums are more than willing to take on extra fighters, but the rule is nobody talks about bum-fight club and everybody in bum-fight club fights the first night. The vampires, grossly superior in power, elect to join them. Several rounds of victory later, it's apparent something is wrong with one of the combatants. Maruk's supernaturally enhanced senses notice a supernatural exchange of rage and Kakit's opponent, Hulk, whom she had been fighting well, grew 6“ and doubled in mass, now easily 5 times her tiny 110 lbs form. Hulk's anger is almost uncontrolled as he shifts into Crinos form, his giant claws and inhuman strength threatening to rend apart anything they touch, human and vampire flesh alike. Kakit's precise maneuvering and supernatural swiftness avoid his attacks while her vampiric claws and silver spike ripped huge gashes in his flesh, finishing him. With some luck, this may stop future attacks.

The coterie returned with this information to Elysium. Surprised by their success, the Prince granted the coterie a status each, and tasked us with securing the east side, assigning that area as domain.

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